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Find your perfect home right here in ideal Prescott, A town of history, beauty, green tree covered mountains and Arizona’s own secret getaway to moderate weather all year long!

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Here are our most current Prescott AZ home listings. Please enjoy and get in touch as soon as you have any questions that don’t get answered from the MLS info and photos. We’re here to make sure you get the best home possible in Prescott and our beautiful communities. Call Brian at 928-533-9031.

Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Prescott Arizona

Hey, that’s “Pres-kitt” to all you soon-to-be homeowners!

home sales in Prescott AZ

Are you looking for the best house for your money in Prescott, AZ? Well of course you are. Here’s the good part. We’ve been looking for the best house for your money on your behalf, even before you found out about us. While your chances of finding a great deal aren’t impossible, the advantage with us is that we are on the hunt for the best deals seven days a week, rain or shine.


Working with us is like working with a family of real estate obsessed buyers who will never give up until they find the best home for the lowest possible price with all the extras you can get. Where are those homes? There are about 16,000 homes in the Prescott area and at any given time about 10% of them are for sale in active listings. A few more are usually about to go up for sale too. We tend to know about a lot of those in advance too.

Why not call us right now to find out what the best deal going is today? 928-420-2961.[leave us a message for a quick response using the form over there] —>

When you start thinking about buying a specific home the number available doesn’t mean nearly as much as the quality and suitability for YOU of the homes that are ready to buy.

As we pointed out on our About Prescott real estate page, “And, by the way, you also get the best house for the money in all of Prescott. We’ll make sure of that.

The reasons you should work with us start with that fact. We’ll make sure you get the best house for your money. After all, you worked hard for that money for a long time, so there is no reason to let any of it go to waste now. In fact, this is an important time to safeguard your investment by having confidence and assurance that the home you choose is truly worth every dollar you spend on it. We’re here with a motto like the police force, to protect and serve, because there are plenty of situations designed to give you less than you deserve but we’ll make sure that when you pay for premium quality and due diligence in home selection, you don’t get treated like a Target customer. (pardon the pun)

Ready to get the short list of best homes? Grab the phone and dial or shoot us a text. We’ll wake up at 3 AM and answer your text, OK maybe at 6:30 AM!

What’s great about Prescott real estate? Plenty. Here’s a little:

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Prescott:

1. No Traffic! There is no rush hour so there is no traffic congestion
2. Beautiful Lakes for fishing, bird watching, hiking, Paddle Boarding and Kayaking
3. Hiking Trails Galore! Hundreds of miles to explore walking or Mountain Biking
4. Ranked #22 out of 25 Best Places to Retire by Money Magazine in 2012
5. Summer Temps rarely go above 90 degrees
6. 90 Miles from Metro Phoenix
7. Mild 4 Seasons – you get a little of everything up here
8. Golf courses! Private and public to enjoy year round
9. Summer Concert Series on the Square- 5 nights a week all summer long, something for every one in the family
10. Home of The World’s Oldest Rodeo

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Working with Brian and Terri is like working with a whole team! They go the extra 20 miles (that’s about equivalent to a mile here in Prescott) to get the right house at the right price at the right time and in the perfect location for you. Find out how they can do all this and deliver you more than “just a house.”

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